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This science fiction story is the first of a trilogy, set in modern times, about the community of the Kingdom of Habaneria, which was destroyed by a lethal radioactive blast in 45,000 BC. The community was made up of about 5,000 Havanese, a peaceful and technologically advanced race of dogs governed by their queen, Alari.
Captain Omicron QK, a highly astute female Havanese is sent on an advance mission to set in motion the return of the entire community. The mission does not go as smoothly as it should and this Havanese intelligence officer, catapulted thousands of years into her future, (our present day) is forced to confront many challenges, not least of which appears to be a traitor from her own community.
Apart from the main Sci Fi plot, this story emphasizes the close tie between a dog and its human. This relationship, non existent in the Habaneria era, takes the captain and her queen completely by surprise and they find it necessary to modify the project of restoring the kingdom.

Sweetelite di Camerano Paolo - Via Prole, 36 - 36035 Marano Vicentino c.f. CMRPLA456M14A952S
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